Project Overview

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The West River Bridge is one of the longest and most heavily traveled bridges in the State of Connecticut. The ConnDOT project will widen the existing bridge from 92 feet wide to 136 feet wide while maintaining the existing six-lane highway and adding four full-width shoulders.

The presence of full-width highway shoulders allows for fewer lane closures caused by vehicle incidents or police activity. The entire replacement of this bridge and associated improvements in this section of the I-95 corridor is expected to be completed by November 2018.

Major items of work include:

  • Temporary trestles in the West River for access to pile supported pier locations, erection of structural steel and demolition of the existing bridge
  • Temporary highway construction to accommodate traffic shifts
  • Reconstructing highway approaches & exit ramps to access Ella Grasso Blvd. & Kimberly Ave.
  • Constructing the new West River bridge piers and superstructure
  • Demolishing the existing West River Bridge
  • Replacing I-95 Bridge over Ella T. Grasso Blvd.
  • Constructing drainage improvements

Potential Change Order for Sea Street Access and Traffic Calming Improvementss

Proposed improvements at the northerly intersection of Ella T. Grasso Boulevard (Route 10) and Kimberly Avenue (S.R. 745)